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We provide service since 1971 with proud!

Life requires a lot of education, business knowledge, online presence, and of course social relationships. We build/enhance your social intelligence in parallel with upgrading your capabilities to face educational challenges at Universities and Schools; yielding you to the best business achievements in the market you are trying to invest in.   This does not stop here, we provide you the best tools for your finest online presence whether by building a personal website or a whole social network for you.

The Consultants makes it possible for businessmen and students to be advised, supported, and given any assistance needed to achieve your goals and objectives. Whether you needed help in your business, education, or your social life; your best choice is to contact us.

  • Let’s build Your own Business

  • Master's Thesis, PhD Dissertation, DBA papers 24/7

  • Websites and Mobile Apps

  • We take pictures of successful Future

Business Plan & Feasibility

Providing the plans needed to boost your business; and the studies that decide whether to start or not.

Thesis, PhD, & DBA Makers

Providing plagiarism free Thesis and Dissertation up to Doctorate level.*

Statistics And Market Research

You are a new entrant, already in the market, or a big firm: We cover all the statistics and market info needed.

Running Business for Sale

You have the money and do not know where to start, why not buying a running business in Lebanon, Dubai, or internationally?

Main Services

Since 1971
Business Consultancy

The Consultants is the first company in Lebanon, MENA, and Gulf region to offer business consultations based on statistics, market research, feasibility studies, business plans, financial analysis, risk management, etc...

Since 1999
Educational Consultancy and Planning

Whether you have a Master's Thesis, PhD dissertation, or DBA paper; The Consultants is your professional service towards achieving your best results in Lebanon, Dubai, Egypt, Canada, and Saudi Arabia. Our instructors and writers are ready to assist you in your papers in a way that makes you take the best advantage in any of your research studies through...

Since 2008
Web and Mobile Development and Design

The Consultants S.a.r.l. المستشارون offers web development and mobile applications starting from scratch. Being the only websites and mobile apps builders in Lebanon to have a huge research center backing up any of our projects. Our programmers dedicated their time in building strong codes using native language that are up-to-date and compatible with Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Youtube's infrastructure. We do not use any ready to go platforms, that are vulnerable to attacks and slow loading. Our work consists of...