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The Consultants Tools and Methods

Our methodology depends on high consistency, accuracy, eliminating time delay, cutting costs, reliability, and portability; including:

  • Relying on our main work, daily statistics on the Lebanese Market and the UAE market
  • Depending on daily, weekly, month, and annual business analysis from big international companies, international magazines, and international journals.
  • Books revising, reviewing, summarizing, note taking, and analyzing
  • Journals revising, reviewing, summarizing, note taking, and analyzing
  • Articles revising, reviewing, summarizing, note taking, and analyzing
  • Our company’s long experience
  • Efficient and constructive researching methods
  • Practical fieldwork:
  • Questionnaires and Survey for the "Quantitative Approach"
  • Real fieldwork; this is mostly requested by business clients, that needs the exact state of the study
  • Artificial survey, based on our highly complex Artificial Intelligent system to give result the same as the real ones
  • Interviews, based on semi- structured and structured interview questions (Qualitative Approach)
  • Surveys, to be distributed among consumers, employees, managers, owners, and any other sector with respect to your requirements
  • Focused groups
  • Pre-Post test experiments: where measurements are taken both before and after applying a certain method/ approach/ treatment/ inquiry/ etc..
    • Taking into consideration the change that is impacting our economy, educational system, and technology factors and indicators.